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Welcome to Kedron Wavell Snooker Inc.

Kedron Wavell Snooker Inc., which is located at Club Chermside, 468 Rode Road, Chermside QLD, has grown from strength to strength since the club formed in 1970.

Our Club boasts 5 World Championship Wiraka Billiard Tables with both digital & traditional scoring machines. Our Club has also been the venue for the past 3 Queensland State Championships. We are proud to have one of the best Snooker & Billiard rooms in Brisbane, with exclusive access only to our Members.

We currently offer 2 different Membership types, with benefits to suit every type of player. Scroll down below to find out more.

10 Teams participated, in three different grades, of the Brisbane Pennant Fixtures this year. All our Social Days, Club Championships and Premier Leagues have also been well supported. We have over 80 Members, including Juniors, Ex-Professionals, Registered Coaches and Referees. All our Members are friendly and willing to help get new comers to feel welcome.

To Join, contact Peter Williams on 07 3194 5458, to arrange a meeting time.



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Club History

Kedron RSL Billiards & Snooker Club was formed back in 1968. Kedron RSL at that time was located on the corner of Gympie and Broughton roads Kedron, which is now the site of a Kentucky Fried Chicken Outlet. Wavell Heights Sub Branch RSL was not far away in Edinburgh Castle Road Wavell Heights. Both the Sub Branches amalgamated and became Kedron-Wavell Services Club, and a new club house and community center was built in 1970 at its current location in Hamilton Road Chermside.

The first Annual General Meeting of the Kedron-Wavell Billiards & Snooker Club was held in January 1970 with the inaugural committee consisting of: J. Phillips (Chairman), J.Tomi, A. Moore, R. Turner, R. Scanlon, G.D. Kirkwood and M. McPartland.  Jock Phillips continued as Chairman for approx 20 years until 1991(with the exception of 1 year in 1981 whilst very sick and M. McPartland took the reins in Jocks absence). During those years the B & S Club had a membership of 35 – 50 players, and had 3 tables.

In 1992, Chips Lawrence took over as Chairman and with the exception of a brief period in 1993 when Colin Akiens was the appointed Chairman, and in 1998/1999 while Noel Bulley took the role, Chips was in the chair until 2004. At the same time that Chips became Chairman, the KW B & S Club also appointed its first Patron in Noel Fraser Allom OAM, who was at the time the President of Kedron-Wavell Services Club. Fraser, as he is more affectionately known, has been and still is (at time of writing Sep 2013) our Patron.

In December 1993, with various refurbishment being carried out at the Services Club, the B & S Club relocated to a new room (still within the Services Club), but unfortunately the room was a bit smaller and one of the tables had to be put in storage, so the club was down to 2 tables with 36 members.

In the mid 1990’s, Brian Helm and Chips Lawrence initiated Junior coaching within the club which has produced some of Australia’s finest players. Also around the same time the QBSA organized a female snooker pennants season, with approx 6 teams. Kedron-Wavell B & S Club fielded a team consisting of Jill Helm, Maureen Williams, Karen Purcell, Kerrie Grant and Tania Bouckaert, and the girls from KW B & S Club won the final.

In 1998 renovations within Kedron-Wavell Services Club saw us move into a bigger room with its own bar and T.V screen and enough space to have 4 tables. We had approx 57 members at that stage, and it was a real delight to move into our new room with all new furniture and carpet (we had a vinyl floor in the old room). Around that time, the QBSA offered us the loan of 2 brand new tables that they had in storage, and as two of the tables that we had needed quite a lot of work, we jumped at the offer and used those tables for about 8 years.

Peter Williams was elected as Chairman in 2004 after approx 9 years of service on the KW B & S Club Committee, 2 as Secretary, 2 as Treasurer, 2 as Club Captain and a few years as a Committeeman. Peter has been and still is our Chairman through that time with the exception of 2007 when he had a year off Snooker, and Kyle Lampkin stepped into the role for the year.

At the end of 2007 we had to move from our room at the Services Club to Jennings Street Zillmere. A lot of the members were not happy at first, as this venue was not staffed, no pokies, no alcohol, no restaurants or TAB, just a room with 4 Billiard tables. So from here our committees had  a lot more to do than when we were within the Services Club, and so the duties and roles of the committee have changed somewhat to be more hands on.

In 2008 an opportunity arose to purchase new Wiraka M 1 World Class Steel back cushion Billiards tables, and at the time the QBSA were looking at taking their tables back, so after liaising with management at Kedron-Wavell Services Club, it was agreed that we could purchase 3 new or almost new tables over the next 2 years from B & S Club monies, and the Services Club would donate one of the tables and we got permission to off sell our old tables to cover costs. Two Wirakas were installed in 2008 and two more in Feb 2009. A grandstand was built in the room, some photos and hangings put up. We painted a few walls, and our room at Jennings St was one of the best Snooker Rooms in Brisbane. We have had the honor of holding the Men’s Resident State Championships and Qld handicap Championships as well as numerous other tournaments for the past 4 or 5 years.

In 2012 an opportunity arose to purchase 2 almost brand new Wiraka M 1 Gold Leg Tables at a very cheap price.  At the same time the hunt for another larger venue became a priority as we were on a month to month lease and with our membership increasing, we needed a bigger room to house possibly one more table. We found the perfect place and after several meetings, a long term lease was negotiated. A meeting was held in the function room of Club Chermside (Chermside Bowls Club), Rode Rd, Chermside on Sunday 14th April 2013 to show all the members our plans for the new room, and at the same time to pass resolution to Incorporate. All the members were happy, had all their questions answered, resolution to incorporate was passed, and now it would just take a few months to do the “build out” of the former function room of Club Chermside and we would have a new home with 5 tables. A lot of hard work by several of our members has given us a new home to be extremely proud of, and on the 19th May 2013 the new Kedron Wavell Snooker Room was officially opened by Lyndon Broome (CEO of Kedron-Wavell Services Club) Lyndon filled in as acting Patron, as Fraser Allom was too ill to attend. It was a great Grand Opening, with approx 70 to 80 people attending and they were treated to an exhibition frame of snooker between the President of our Club, Peter Williams and Ex-Professional, Daniell Haenga. A few speeches were made, a tour of the room, some drinks and nibbles and then Game On!

Today, our Snooker Room is the envy of snooker players throughout Australia, and probably the World. We have a membership of over 150 members, with players of all different skill levels from raw novices to Semi-Professional, Professional and Ex-Professionals with an age range from junior (I think our youngest member was 9) to 80 something. We have Qualified Referees, Examiners, Certified coaches, and just recently acquired a new member who is a Certified WPBSA Coach. Our players are a mix of Nationalities and from all walks of life, including Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Graphic Designers, Engineers, Accountants, Cleaners, Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Business owners, IT, Uni Students, School students, Housewives and Retirees. In December 2013 we also became an Incorporated Association.

For everything you would want in Billiards or Snooker, Kedron Wavell Snooker is the place to be!

Pricing Info



  • 24 hour day, 7 days a week access.
  • $12 per hour light cost. *Automated $1 & $2 Coins – Excludes Match Table
  • Membership Paid Upfront.
  • $50 Joining Fee.


Starting from $15/week

  • 24 hour day, 7 days a week access.
  • Unlimited Lights.
  • Prorated Billing Yearly or Monthly.
  • $50 Joining Fee.


**All memberships must be paid in advanced. Terms & Conditions apply. Subject to change at anytime without notice. Enquire for more details.




  • Open 24/7

    Phone: 07 3194 5458

    Address: 468 Rode Road, Chermside QLD 4032

    Postal: PO Box 5488, Stafford QLD 4053